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Design your wellness workshop and let's make a day of it!

The word doctor stems from the Latin word docere, meaning “to teach” and that is the highlight of my work. 

Sharing information, and uncovering the root causes of illness so as to unlock the path to health, brings me joy. 

Choose from the topics listed below or challenge me to one and plan your personal workshop. 

Invite up to 10 friends and we'll meet either online or in-person here at my farm in New Hampshire.

Email me and we'll talk about available dates and preferences.

A health workshop day on the farm with up to 10 friends is $2000 and an online workshop is $600-$1000 depending on the scope you choose.

Share the cost, love the shared experience and make a memory you'll soon not forget! 

Book your transformation today!

Sleep Health

Sleep better

You don't need me to tell you how critical it is for you to sleep well...You know already how it feels like to be grumpy and foggy after one night of poor sleep, let alone years of it...
I can help you identify the causes and give you the solutions you need. You can avoid harmful long-term medications and finally get a grasp on restful slumber.

Metabolic Health

Beat insulin resistance (diabetes, prediabetes, weight gain, PCOS, and inflammatory diseases)

Insulin is a master hormone that induces metabolic "storage states" and stops fat burn, causing weight gain, fatty liver, elevated cholesterol, and inflammation. 
The good news is that insulin is very susceptible to targeted lifestyle changes. Let me show you how to "quiet" insulin so you can regain your health.

Weight Management 

Understanding weight gain as a hormonal cascade will change your life.

I have been witness to countless people with weight struggles dieting and exercising themselves to the brink of exhaustion only to achieve their weight goals time and again. It's not your fault. Let me let you in on the secrets behind weight loss AND it's not a gimik, not does it cost money to


Your genes are NOT your destiny

Learn how to tap into your body's ability to keep you safe from illnesses that may be lurking in your DNA. The workshop is hopeful and empowering and may impact your family for generations to come.

Microbiome, the Garden Within

Learn how to cultivate and nurture your inner garden for optimal health

The microbiome, a relative newcomer to the health world and yet perhaps the greatest frontier yet to be tapped in terms of our capacity to be healthy. Let's talk about how to best prime your relationship with the microbiome. Let's talk about how to eat to protect this ecosystem and let's delve into how the microbiome can affect every part of your functioning. From digestion to mood to disease resilience.

Healthy Aging and Disease Prevention

Simple, actionable, evidence-based steps to living a healthier life and prevent disease.

I know that most of us want to remain as healthy as possible as we age. There are simple steps you can take at any age to protect your cardiovascular system, reduce bone and muscle loss and optimize your brain function.

Stress Reduction 

Stress and its negative consequences can be managed and reversed.

Stress, particularly chronic stress, can impact every bodily and mental function profoundly. From sleep to sexual health. From weight to aging, stress is a deleterious force that needs to be acknowledged and then managed. This workshop will help you "bulletproof" yourself from this pervasive symptom and learn to thrive.

The Healing Power of Nature

We are not separate from our ecosystem and tapping into the wisdom on nature can help a person find joy, health and connection

Let's talk about the benefits of reconnecting with the land. Let's discuss regenerative farming and sustainable food systems. Let me share with you how I've grown as a person and a citizen by growing organic food for my family and community. You'll leave the workshop ready to dig in!

Transform Your Mind

Are you stuck in an emotional rut? Do you have thought loops you can't seem to get out of?

This workshop will help you understand the Default Mode Network, a recently discovered neuropathway that is at the core of depression, anxiety, and negative self-talk.  I'll teach you how to find your path to Flow states instead. We'll review the science of meditation and the healing power of ethnobotanicals.

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Create Your Workshop Experience

Choose from the health topics above and let's build a day to remember!

You and up to 10 friends can plan for a farm day and health workshop in Chester New Hampshire, or we can meet online for a bespoke webinar for you and your chosen group. Send me your inquiry and we'll go over the details.

Thanks for submitting!

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