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Famer Doctor Kinder Wiser 

What is that all about?


Being an organic farmer and producing food for my family and the community at large has been an exciting learning process and also incredibly rewarding. Being in nature, caring for animals, plants and soils is soul-enriching. Passing on homesteading skills to my children and unabashedly enjoying food independence fuels me.


Healing and helping people has been my vocation since I was a child and remains to this day, a fountain of fulfillment. My patients trust me with their innermost thoughts and worries and their trust is what makes me feel that being a physician is an utmost privilege.
As a doctor, I aim to serve my patients with respect and compassion.


I want to be kinder. Those of you that know me probably think of me as a gentle soul already, but by "becoming kinder" I mean extending kindness, compassion, and love to all things. The soil, the plants and animals that inhabit it, and the ecosystems that revolve around them. I'd like to extend kindness to our planet and all the beings that depend on it, including myself. Self-kindness is tougher than you think. I'm working on it...


I want to be wiser. It's easy to get caught up in how much "knowledge" you can accumulate, how many credentials and certificates hang from your wall. But wisdom is not knowledge, rather, it's a kind of grace. Wisdom is understanding and compassion rolled into one. Wisdom sets in when you trade in pride for humility, self for the greater, and allow the mind to challenge paradigms and exile biases.

Farmer Doctor Kinder Wiser: Experience
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