Bio and Philosophy

Farmer Doctor Kinder Wiser

I have been a primary care physician for over 15 years. I've lived and worked on several continents in the fields of primary care, public health, population health, and wellness more broadly. After completing a fellowship through the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine in Arizona in 2016,  I practice Integrative Medicine within primary care as it allows me to delve into the origins of illness far more effectively than traditional western medicine can. This has enhanced my joy as a physician and also helps my patients reach their health goals in a more holistic way.
My philosophy is that disease is a complex interplay of not just pathogens and biology but equally the emotional and physical ecosystem each person inhabits.
My passion is preventing disease and enhancing wellbeing through holistic approaches to lifestyle and mental health.
My guiding path to my patients is rooted in loving compassion, where the patient is heard and health journeys are made jointly.  My health plan designs include not only traditional western medical expertise but bring in key elements from a wellness palate that includes lifestyle, nature, joy, and creativity.  
Love of nature informs my life philosophy and I strive to be a wiser person, kinder to others and self.