Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

― Hippocrates


Nutrition is at the core wellbeing and in fact, at the molecular level, we are what we eat… Nutrition for wellbeing is NOT a diet. Mostly because diets are inherently short, they work while you are dieting, and then you stop dieting and all your efforts may be lost or diluted. Your weight, cravings and behaviors return to their prior state.

So throughout this website, you’ll notice I don’t talk about nutrition in terms of a “diet”, rather a “food choice” and as such, a lifestyle choice. For a lifestyle choice to be sustainable (i.e. one that’s not drudgery or so limiting or depressing that it can only be applied for a brief, very “motivated” length of time) it needs to be harmony with how you choose to live and behave and it needs to be aligned with your attitude and core values.  Sometimes, the best way to make a change in your life is to drill down to what really drives you, what your core beliefs are and what you are willing to fight for.

I think that when a food choice is made mindfully (taking into account your deepest values) that choice becomes healthful and most importantly, second nature.

On this website, you will find musings on many topics, including delicious food, healthful nutrition and a new pantry etiquette…

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