Daniela Connelly MD

Who is Dr. Connelly? I ask myself this question quite a lot as a matter of fact. Mostly out of confusion… It turns out, that for a long time I led a double life. By weekday, a Family Medicine physician and by weeknight and weekends, an organic farmer, beekeeper, orchardist, cheese maker and humble kitchen chef.

I often came into the office on Mondays, apologetic and apprehensive because my hands were stained with tomato plant resins and summer long patches of perma-poison ivy… I had to clarify this double life, lest my patients thought I wasn’t washing my hands enough.

I say apprehensive because for a long time I couldn’t meld these two activities. I knew that farming food that was pure, unadulterated and raised with care and mindfulness was the best gift to my children and community. Yet, in the office, I felt pressured to prescribe a pill for most every ill and time taken to explore a person’s nature was frowned upon due to time constraints. Since then however, I’ve matured and I’ve accepted the quirkiness of a doctor that talks heirloom tomatoes with her patients, not only because of the taste and wonder that this fruit holds but also, because of the cancer fighting antioxidants it can bestow. I offer up nutritional counseling, recipes n’ all before any chronic medication prescription and I circle back to our relationships with nature as often as I discuss screening colonoscopies or referrals to the orthopedist…

With this now unfettered mindset and disobedient disregard for the boundaries of disciplines, I merge nutrition science with farm fresh food, spiritual wellbeing with epigenetics and tend to the microbes in the soil as I would the microbes in our gut.

I am certainly not the first to think up this type of approach to medicine and, in fact, I have found my tribe in other Integrative Medicine practitioners. But it is this open perspective to health and wellbeing that you will be drawn to on this website. I hope I can inspire other docs to loosen their ties a little, kick off the leather mocs for the grungy crocs, and as for patients and friends alike, I hope you will enjoy some of the reflections on health and farming.


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